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About This Site

Kia Ora. My name is Beren Patterson and this is my website. I am a professional photographer specialising in assignment, editorial and stock photography on travel and travel-related, cultural, religious, natural, architectural, recreation and historical themes in developing countries.

ZHERO.COM is one creative outlet that lets me promote and share my work. My photographs have appeared in magazines, websites and newspapers around the world covering such varied topics as mining in Sri Lanka to religions of South Asia.

A Little About Me

I was born in Bristol, England, but my parents wisely moved to New Zealand when I was 7. On the way we stopped in Bali. I remember the warm rain, the smell of the clove in the cigarettes, the smiles and an amazing variety of fruit. Coming from Thatcher's cold, grey England this was paradise!

At 15 my parents volunteered to do 9 months teaching in Himachal Pradesh, India. I went with them, supposedly to go to school to but shortly after my 16 birthday I was traveling across India by myself taking pictures. I came back to New Zealand to complete high school and finished top of my year.

At 37 I have now spent nearly 6 years in Asia, Africa, the Americas, Oceanea and Europe photographing. The more I see the more I want to see; and the more I know I don't know. It's wonderful.

In between Travelling and photographing I have achieved a Bachelor of Fine Art from Elam, the University of Auckland, majoring in Photography.

When I am not traveling I live in London but I still call New Zealand home.

Beren Patterson, diving in Fiji

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